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Strings Pick 'N' Strum is Lalaloopsy Land's very own guitar enthusiast! She's a talented guitar player who's easily distracted but when deciding what song to play, she can take her pick! Her name comes from strings on a guitar, as well as guitar picks you use to strum!

About Strings


She has pale skin with black button eyes and pale pink cheeks. Her hair is bright red with two large curled bangs, pulled to a low, side-ponytail composed of many curls. At the center of her head is the top of a black guitar with white strings and four hot pink buttons, attached to a hot pink polka-dotted bow. At the corner of her left eye is a red marking.

Strings also wears a hot pink dress with a black leather jacket and tie with white lines all over it. Her shoes are black and pale pink with a pair of short white socks and grey leggings with a tile print.


Strings has a silver cat with a fuchsia pair of sunglasses and tie. He has a small tuft of black hair and a black vest.



  • February 11th is Get Out Your Guitar Day.
  • Strings is the first (and currently the only) Lalaloopsy with only one eyelash per eye. The other female Lalaloopsies have two eyelashes per eye, while the male Lalaloopsies lack eyelashes entirely.


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