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Sunny Side Up is the hardest working farmer in all of Lalaloopsy Land. She loves waking up at dawn, caring for animals, and eating HUGE breakfasts! Sunny is the twin sister of Berry Jars 'N' Jam. Her name is based off of eggs- laid by her pet helpful chick, of course- that her sister serves as sunny side up!

About Sunny


Sunny Pattern.png

As stated, Sunny appears to be tomboyish as she often wears shorts, pants, or other masculine attire.

Sunny has fair skin and rosy pink cheeks, along with normal black button eyes. Her hair is orange-red with curled bangs and almost neck length hair styled down. She wears a pink bow attached to a headband on the right side of her bangs. Sunny wears an dark denim pair of short overalls over a pink and white checkerboard patterned shirt, along with tall scarlet red tennis shoe-styled boots.


Sunny has a sunshine yellow pet chick with pink floral-patterned wings, tangerine feet, and a small beak. She has a white patch on one of her eyes.



  • October 12th is Old Farmers Day.
  • Sunny wears a pink headband, which is the same color as Berry's hair. Additionally, Berry wears orange bows that are the same color as Sunny's hair.


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