Tales From Lalaloopsy Land 4 Pack Books

Tales From Lalaloopsy Land 4-Pack Books

Tales From Lalaloopsy Land are classic fairy-tales crafted with a Lalaloopsy twist! Included titles: Cinder Slippers and Prince Handsome, Snowy Fairest, Scarlet Riding Hood and Alice in Lalaloopsyland and Wacky Hatter. Released on June 1, 2014, available only in English language and published in Australia.

Scarlet Riding Hood

Tales From Lalaloopsy Land - Scarlet and Forest

When Scarlet Riding Hood visits Forest Evergreen, who is sick at home in the forest, she discovers that all is not as it seems.

Snowy Fairest

Tales From Lalaloopsy Land - Snowy

Snowy Fairest's friends come home to find her and Squirrel in a deep slumber. Will their friends be able to wake Snowy and Squirrel?

Cinder Slippers and Prince Handsome

Tales From Lalaloopsy Land - Cinder and Prince

Prince Handsome is throwing the best ball ever in Lalaloopsy Land! But when Cinder Slippers twists her ankle, how will she go to the ball?

Alice in Lalaloopsyland and Wacky Hatter

Tales From Lalaloopsy Land - Alice and Wacky

After an afternoon nap, Alice in Lalaloopsyland follows her white rabbit down a rabbit hole to find herself on a curious adventure.


  • Prince Handsome is named Prince Charming instead, possibly a typo.
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