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Too Close for Comfort is the first exclusive Nick Jr. webisode for the Lalaloopsy™ TV Series.


Berry Jars 'N' Jam turns to her friends for help when Sunny Side Up's snoring starts to keep her up at night.


It's a lovely late evening in Lalaloopsy Land. Sunny is fast asleep, unaware that her snoring is keeping her sister Berry awake. Annoyed by this, Berry gets up and approaches her sister's bed to try to wake her up and inform her of all the snoring. Sunny wakes up and, seemingly aware of all her snoring, promises to try to fix it.

The next day, the sisters visit Bea. She finds a book for them and explains why people snore. First, they try to do mouth workouts, but when night comes around, that doesn't work.

The next day, Bea suggests they try a harder pillow. They visit Pillow, where they find her entire stockroom filled to the brim with pillows. First, she brings a super-soft one over, then a rock-hard pillow, then Sheep manages to find the middle pillow and they try it out. Sunny is convinced this will do the trick, but unfortunately, it doesn't.

The next day, they try trick number 101. Since sleeping on one's back can cause snoring, they strap a straw filled pillow onto Sunny's back to keep her from rolling over. Even this trick proves useless. The only solution left is for Berry to take every single pillow she can find and cover her entire home with them to muffle Sunny's snoring. The webisode ends as she peacefully drifts off to sleep with Cow.


Berry: Good Night Sunny!

Sunny: Good Night Berry!

Pillow: Let's Find a Pink Pillow for Berry!

Bea: Let's do a Mouth Workouts while Sunny Snores!




  • It is revealed in this webisode that Sunny snores.



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