(Scene cuts to Dyna Might's house)

Parrot: (chirps and takes Dyna's goggles)

Dyna: (snoring then wakes up and jumps out of bed)Up, up and away Dyna Might is ready to start the day! I'll just put on my super goggles and...

(Dyna discovers that her super goggles are gone)

Dyna: That's odd they were here when I went to sleep Raccoon.

Raccoon:(wakes up)

Dyna: My super goggles are missing!

Raccoon: (shocked)

Dyna: Without them I have no super sight, no super might! We must find them! There's no sign of them anywhere.

Raccoon: (sees a feather)

Dyna: You're right raccoon, it can be an important clue! Maybe a bird took my goggles. Look there's bird right up there! (rushes to her trampoline, bounces on it, Raccoon bounces out the window and Dyna flies out the window.) After him!

Raccoon: (drags a pillow)

Dyna: (lands on the pillow and she and Raccoon chase after the airplane) They're getting away we need more speed! (Rushes to Pickles' Diner) Pickles, can I borrow your roller skates?

Pickles: (Tying her boots)

Dyna: Thanks Pickles! Now's our chance. (Pushes the button on the launcher to launch the rope) Wahoo!

Dot: We better see what Dyna Might wants. Dyna Might!

Dyna: I'm on a mission to find my super goggles and I am wondering if bird might have seen them.

Dot: How did you lose your super goggles Dyna Might?

Dyna: We think a bird may have taken them but the feathers don't match.

Bird: (Agrees)

Dyna: No matter! We shall search high and low! Neither resting nor sleeping until find what were looking for.

Dot: Dyna Might, I know an easier way to search.

(Scene cuts to comic book like scene)

Dyna: You're telescope is truly a marvel Dot!

Raccoon: (Sees Patch Treasurechest's house)

Dyna: You see something Raccoon?

Raccoon: (makes a raccoon sound)

Dyna: (gasps) My super goggles! Follow that parrot! There is no sign of Parrot or my super goggles. Have they vanished into thin air? Will I ever find my super goggles again? Wait, what's that? To Patch's house boat!

(Scene cuts to Patch's house where Patch is in his hammock)

Patch: Ahoy matey! Have you come to admire my mobile? It's my greatest treasure and I have never made it without Parrot's help!

Parrot: (Agrees)

Dyna: It's colorful all right but these are my super goggles.

Patch: (takes down the super goggles) Sorry Dyna Might i'm sure Parrot didn't realize. How did you find them all the way out here?

Dyna: It was nothing! I just roped Dot's airplane as it flew past and I skated through Lalaloopsy Land, but it was worth it to get my super goggles and my super powers back.

Patch: Hmmm. Sounds to me like even without your super goggles you had your super powers all along.

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