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Welcome to the
United Thirteen Sectors

The reign of the oppressive monarchy is over, and the era of freedom and prosperity begins. It is through being united where we can accomplish a single goal. United we stand, divided we fall.

This is Thirteen Sectors speaking,

It was Late June 2020 when Lalaloopsy was discovered, almost two years after Lalaloopsy had vanished from the MGA website. The only previous connection with Lalaloopsy being seeing the commercials airing on TV and a Rosy Bumps 'N' Bruises Doll (Which is still acquired). Interest for Lalaloopsy was after discovering about a stitched and sewn world, as arts and crafts was an interest had, and the concept of "Dolls that have the personality of the thing they were sewn from" was something that was unique (also design, the button eyes are amusing to this day). The franchise was thought to be alive and well with a thriving fanbase after all these years, the realization that this was not the case would come very quickly.

The wiki was discovered on July 2020, initially thought to have been fully completed, with all relevant information already on all pages. It was later discovered that the wiki was unorganized, a lot of information missing, some pages were a mess to read, and it appeared as though no individual wanted to contribute to adding information to this wiki. "This franchise should not die" was said before major contributions to the wiki were made.

Bureaucratic rights were obtained for the wiki on June 30th 2021, a prospect thought to never happen when contributing to this wiki. The thought of becoming bureaucrat was never there, as contributing to the wiki was all that was needed, in fact, there have been times where the thought of losing the content moderator status, that was once had, was inevitable. The former bureaucrat has grown to be tired of both Lalaloopsy and the Wiki, when he came to with the offer of bureaucratic rights. The offer was taken with the thought of letting him rest and continuing the history of the wiki for the next generation.

Meanwhile, Pix E. Flutters and classic Peppy Pom Poms were acquired, and the collection continues from there. The fate of Lalaloopsy was accepted, as new and even previously unknown information about Lalaloopsy was added to the wiki. It was then when Lalaloopsy suddenly returned on May 28, 2021 then an official release of August 3, 2021. This unexpected return has lead to huge amounts of intrigue, hoping to see way more in the next coming years.



  1. Lalaloopsy: Let's Create Episodes (Halfway there!)
  2. Put information of the books into the wiki (20%)
  3. Animation pages (1%)
  4. Wiki Manual of Code (lol never gonna happen)


  1. Add merchandise images to all galleries (2%)
  2. Add videos (ongoing)
  3. Pending
  4. Pending

Current Collection

In the order that they were acquired.

  • Rosy Bumps 'N' Bruises
  • Pix E. Flutters
  • Peppy Pom Poms


Birthday: March 18, 2004
Living Place: Calalafornia, United States of Lalaloopsy Land
Username: A reference to the Thirteen Colonies of America
Profile Picture: Blue and Red for the division in the nation, and a star in the center meaning one nation, united.

Character Rankings

Rank Lalaloopsy Description
1 Dot Starlight Researcher of the unknown
2 Jewel Sparkles Rightful heir to the Loopsy throne
3 Feather Tell-a-tale The last of her kind in Lalaloopsy Land
4 Cloud E. Sky She is sifting out of hearts of Lala's before her judgment seat
5 Dotty Gale Winds A fairy-tale left forgotten
6 Prairie Dusty Trails The Lalaloopsy Ranger with a Big Iron on her hip
7 Sir Battlescarred The Hero from up north
8 Crumbs Sugar Cookie The Sweetest in Lalaloopsy Land
9 Patch Treasurechest and Peggy Seven Seas Plunderers
10 Sunny Side Up I wish I was in the land of cotton
11 Peppy Pom Poms Emotional Support
12 Rosy Bumps 'N' Bruises Clinical Supporter
13 Sahara Mirage Unimaginable genie
14 Squiggles 'N' Shapes Don't blink, don't look away from it
15 Dyna Might Dyna might not
16 Bea Spells-a-lot Teacher
17 Water Mellie Seeds Refreshing with every bite
18 Pete R. Canfly Makes you look like a fool
19 Kat Jungle Roar Lalaloopsy: Escape 2 Africa
177 Yuki Kimono For the Emperor!
178 Storm E. Sky Terrorist Rebel

Fanon Works

Fanon Wiki user page To see stunning, high quality, original fan characters. If you really like them for whatever reason, then please tell because making new characters is rare now.