When Specs became very greedy, she mutates into a monstrous creature.


  1. Bea Spells-a-Lot
  2. Dot Starlight
  3. Specs Reads-a-Lot
  4. Marina Anchors
  5. Patch Treasurechest
  6. Mango Tiki Wiki
  7. Ember Flicker Flame
  8. Dyna Might
  9. Jewel Sparkles
  10. Misty Mysterious
  11. Crumbs Sugar Cookie
  12. Prairie Dusty Trails
  13. Peanut Big Top
  14. Mari Golden Petals
  15. Candle Slice O' Cake
  16. Spot Splatter Splash
  17. Forest Evergreen
  18. Pickles B.L.T.
  19. Sunny Side Up
  20. Berry Jars 'N' Jam
  21. Blossom Flowerpot
  22. Ace Fender Bender
  23. Pepper Pots 'N' Pans
  24. Suzette La Sweet
  25. Pillow Featherbed
  26. Rosy Bumps 'N' Bruises


(The episode opens up at Bea's house. Bea lights up the candle, while Dot closes the curtains.)

  • Dot: "This is perfect."
  • Bea: "No distractions. Today is too important. Today is..."
  • Both: "Reshelving Day."
  • Bea: "Understaning Medieval Times goes in Natural History."
  • Dot: "How To Cast A Spell. That's classics."
  • Bea: "The Art Of The To Do List. I've always wanted to read this one again."
  • Dot: "Me too."
  • Specs: (Giggles).
  • Both: "Huh."
  • Bea: "Specs, What are you doing."
  • Specs: "This little beauty is what I found while exploring with the Timber Scouts last week."
  • Dot: "It’s a Fire Ruby. It's so beautiful, Specs."
  • Specs: "I know. I've kept this beauty since I found it and now I'm gonna add it to my Whatever Have I Found Collection. Whoa."

(Dot manages to catch the Fire Ruby and she gave it back to Specs.)

  • Specs: "Hey. You took my advice. Just use the whole floor as a one big shelf."
  • Bea: (Sighs).
  • Dot: "C'mon Bea. Let's get back to work. Jewel and Misty will be here in a few minutes."

(A broom sweeps the scene and the scene changes to the outside.)

  • Dyna-Might: "Okay. This looks like the perfect place to learn about safety."
  • Ember: "Do we have to."
  • Mango: "Yeah."
  • Marina: "We're part of the Lalaloopsy Land Rescue Squad."
  • Patch: "This is great."
  • Rosy: "Okay Everyone. What is the first thing to remember about this rescue mission."
  • All: "Always help whenever, wherever and whatever we can."
  • Rosy: "Very Good."

(Scene cuts to Suzette walking with her pet poodle.)

  • Pillow: "Suzette and Poodle. Hey."
  • Suzette: "Hi Pillow. I really want to have fun with you."
  • Pillow: "Of course. C’mon. Let's go."
  • Suzette: "Alright."

(Scene cuts to Bea's house. Jewel and Misty has arrived.)

  • Jewel: "Hello. Anyone home. Bea."
  • Misty: "Uh Jewel. You should see this."
  • Both: (Gasping).
  • Jewel: "Is that a fire Ruby."
  • Dot: "Hey Misty. Hi Jewel. Yep. It's a fire Ruby alright."
  • Jewel: "Huh. That must be at least twenty carats."
  • Misty: "Pristine facets and."
  • Specs: "And totally sparkly."
  • Bea: "Uh. If you guys don't mind."
  • Misty: "Oh we don't mind at all."
  • Jewel: "Misty and I came by to see if you had a book about fashion and did we hear someone say sparkly."
  • Specs: "I did. Tomorrow’s my birthday and this is my birthday souvenir."
  • Misty: "I bet I can make that disappear right before your eyes."
  • Specs: "No thanks."
  • Bea: "Start with this one."
  • Jewel: "Thanks Bea. Misty and I got a feeling that the ruffled taffeta capes are gonna make a huge comeback this season and Misty and I wanted to be ready."
  • Misty: "Which is why we're always ready for anything."
  • Jewel: "I hope it's as sparkly as it's beautiful, Specs. Misty and I have never seen anything so spectacular like that before."
  • Specs: "Gee, you really like it. Do you."
  • Jewel: "Like it. Misty and I love it."
  • Specs: "Then maybe you should have it. Since I was the one who found it. I decided to give it to you. Because I knew this beautiful gem was really meant to be with you."
  • Misty: "Huh."
  • Jewel: "I don't know what to say. That was so thoughtful. Oh, Specs, that's amazing(Kisses)."

(Specs fainted after Jewel gave her a kiss.)

  • Jewel: "Thank you. Thank you so much."
  • Misty: "Gotta Go. Bye Dot. Bye Specs. Bye Bea."

(Misty follows Jewel out the door.)

  • Bea: "Wow Specs. That's one of the most kindest, generous and thoughtful thing you've ever done. I've never seen Jewel so happy."
  • Dot: "Me neither."
  • Specs: "I know. Really thoughtful."

(Scene cuts to the Lalaloopsy Land Rescue Squad.)

  • Rosy: "It’s been all day. Maybe we should set up camp."
  • Ember: "Good idea."
  • Mango: "Let's do it."

(The Lalaloopsy Land Rescue Squad set up camp.)

  • Patch: "It's getting dark."
  • Marina: "If only we have some lights."
  • Ember: "Hmm. Fireflies. That gives me an idea."

(Ember uses a jar to collect the fireflies.)

  • Ember: "Perfect."

(The next day. It was Specs' Birthday.)

  • Bea: "Just about finished, Specs. Everybody will be here soon."
  • Specs: "There. Perfect. Everything looks beautiful."
  • Dot: "Is it party time. Yikes."

(There was a knock on the door and Crumbs cartwheels in.)

  • Crumbs: "Happy Birthday."

(Everyone showed up.)

  • Crumbs: "It's Party time."
  • Specs: "Are those for me."
  • Prairie: "You know it, birthday girl."
  • Peanut: "Happy Birthday, Specs."
  • Candle: "Happy, Happy, Birthday Happy, Make a Wish and Make It Snappy."
  • Mari: "Happy Birthday Specs."

(Everyone stacked presents one by one. Then Specs fell over.)

  • Spot: "Don't you know you get presents on your birthday."
  • Specs: "Well. You see. The thing is, I sometimes only get a present, from Bea. A story."

(Bea sheepishly blushes with glee.)

  • Jewel: "Well. This is from our new line of taffeta capes Misty and I are gonna make for everybody."
  • All: (Exclaimed Chatter).
  • Misty: "Thanks. It's the best we can do."
  • Jewel: "Because we've been inspired by the generous and courageous lessons from Specs. Who gave my a fire Ruby, one of the kindest things Misty and I ever experienced before."
  • Misty: "Group hug."

(Misty and Jewel gave Specs a hug and everyone else joined in.An hour later.)

  • Specs: "Prairie, I can't thank you enough for this blanket. I really needed another."
  • Prairie: "Aw shucks, Specs. You've thank me a lot and now I'm starting to feel really confused."
  • Specs: "I know I kept thanking you guys, because I'm so grateful. I wish this party could last forever."
  • Crumbs: "Duh. The party can't last forever because Sunny and Berry planned something fun for you at their place. They told me yesterday that it's a surprise for you. Because it's your birthday."
  • Specs: "No way."
  • Crumbs: "Yes way. I said the party can't last forever. But it doesn't need to end right away."
  • Specs: "Okay."

(Specs walks over to Sunny and Berry's place.)

  • Specs: "Hi Sunny. Hi Berry."
  • Sunny: "Hi Specs. Happy Birthday."
  • Berry: "Come on in Specs. Sunny and I made a new recipe. Pumpkin Pie with Blueberry Ice Cream."
  • Specs: "Wow."

(A few minutes later.)

  • Specs: "Can you believe it, Bookworm. I had the best birthday ever. My friends gave me presents and Sunny and Berry treated me to a birthday dessert with pumpkin pie with blueberry ice cream on top. What a day(Gasps)."

(Out in the fields was a blue lotus flower.Blossom was watering it.)

  • Blossom: "Hey Specs. I'm just watering this beautiful lotus flower."
  • Specs: "Wow. It's so pretty."
  • Blossom: "Here. I know daisies are your birthday specialty. So I grew them just for you."
  • Specs: “Mind if you give them all to me."
  • Bea: "Specs. Oh sorry about that Blossom. I guess Specs gotten a little carried away."
  • Dot: "Yeah. Sorry about that."
  • Blossom: "That's Okay. Happy Birthday Specs."
  • Specs: "Hey Bea. Bookworm and I decided to go on a walk."
  • Bea: "Okay. See you at home later."
  • Specs: "Bye. Okay. Now who else has a present for me."

(The next morning.)

  • Bea: "Wow. What a long night sleep, Specs. I've just had the weirdest dream ever and..."

(Before Bea can finish. A pile of stuff was on the floor.)

  • Specs: (Snoring).
  • Dot: "Huh."
  • Bea: "I can't believe you."
  • Dot: "Where did you get all this stuff and..."
  • Both: (Gasping).
  • Specs: (Yawns)"What happened."
  • Both: "Oh no!"
  • Dot: "I think we might have a giant problem."

(Scene cuts to the Lalaloopsy Land Rescue Squad.)

  • Rosy: "Morning Everybody. It's been a long night. So why don't we go home and relax."
  • All: "Okay."

(Scene cuts to Bea's house. Specs was starting to get a little bigger.)

  • Specs: "Uh Bea, Dot. What's happening to me."
  • Bea: "I don’t know. Think back to yesterday."
  • Dot: "Did something happened to you."
  • Bea: "Um Specs. What did you do after me and Dot saw you."
  • Specs: "I don't remember. But can I have that globe and this book."
  • Bea: "Specs. Me and Dot are worried about you."
  • Dot: "Normally, you're not so grabby and kind of crabby right."
  • Specs: "Normally, my arms aren't this long either. Um. What's happening to me."
  • Dot: "Okay, Bea. You stay here with Specs. I'll go and get Rosy, stat."
  • Bea: "Okay. But please hurry Dot."
  • Dot: "Okay. I will."

(Scene cuts to Suzette and Pillow relaxing.)

  • Suzette: "What a nice day."
  • Pillow: "I know."
  • Suzette: "Glad I came to hang out with you."
  • Pillow: "I know. We should go to the park. C'mon."

(Scene cuts to Rosy arriving at Bea's house.)

  • Rosy: "I think I know what's wrong."
  • Bea: "What is it, Rosy."
  • Rosy: "I think Specs is in a greedy kind of way. The more stuff she has, the bigger she gets."
  • Dot: "Oh no. This is a major disaster."
  • Bea: "Um Specs."
  • Rosy: "Anyway. Gotta go. Bye."
  • Both: "Bye Rosy."
  • Bea: "Um. Where's Specs."
  • Dot: "Bea. Look. Footprints. We've gotta find Specs."

(Dot and Bea raced outside. They find Trinket, Scribbles and Trouble fighting with Specs.)

  • Dot: "Bea. Catch."

(Dot gave Bea a broom for a distraction.)

  • Bea: "Hey Specs. Check out this amazing broom."
  • Specs: "Huh."
  • Dot: "Specs. Come and get this incredible broom."

(Bea and Dot lead Specs into Bea's library.)

  • Bea: "Okay, Specs. You can fight all you want in there. Because, we're not letting you out."

(Then Specs made a mess in the library.)

  • Dot: "Oh Specs. Bea and I just reshelve this room."
  • Bea: "Aw, Great!"

(Then the door was open.)

  • Both: (Gasping).
  • Dot: "Huh."
  • Bea: "Now what."

(Scene cuts to Prairie, Forest and Pickles investigating a weird disappearance.)

  • Forest: "Oh my. The apples are gone and so are the leaves."
  • Prairie: "It's so empty here than a louse in space."
  • Pickles: "I wonder who would do such a thing like that."
  • Bea: "Guys, Help."
  • Dot: "Specs is on the loose and we need to lasso her."
  • Forest: "On the loose."
  • Prairie: "Good one, partners."
  • All: (Laughing).

(Specs runs past.)

  • Forest: "Something tells me you weren't kidding."
  • Dot: "No. We're serious."
  • Prairie: "Bea, Get the rope."

(They try lassoing Specs, But Bea and Prairie ends up getting tied to a tree. Dot got tangled in the lasso. Forest went over to untangle Dot.)

  • Both: "Help."

(Spot walks over to Bea and Prairie who were all tied up.)

  • Spot: (Laughter)"Looks like your capture is all wrapped up."
  • Prairie: "A little help here. We would be much obliged."
  • Peanut: (Screams).
  • Dot: "What was that."
  • Spot: "Sounds like Peanut to me."
  • Forest: "C'mon everyone. Let's go see her."

(Scene cuts to Suzette and Pillow having fun together.)

  • Suzette: "This is fun. Isn't it, Pillow. Uh Pillow."
  • Pillow: "Uh Suzette. Look. It's Specs."
  • Suzette: "Ooh la la! How did she get bigger."
  • Pillow: "I don't know but she's running off. Oh. Hurry, we have to get here before she gets away."

(They hurry off to catch up with Specs.)

  • Pillow: "Specs! We're down here! Hello!"

(But Specs was already gone.)

  • Pillow: (Pants)"We're never gonna catch her on foot. C'mon. Let's go get the balloon."

(They raced off to get a hot air balloon, while Sheep and Poodle run off the ooposite direction. Meanwhile, the guys arrived at Peanut's circus.)

  • Bea: "Peanut! Peanut!"
  • Dot: "Where is she?"
  • Peanut: "Up here."

(Peanut was dangling on the tight-rope with Elephant on her.)

  • Spot: "What happened."
  • Peanut: "Elephant and I were practicing on our circus acts when something big came this way."
  • Bea: "That was Specs."
  • Peanut: "Specs! Oh no! She just scared Elephant. It's okay."
  • Crumbs: (Screams).
  • Forest: "What's that noise?"
  • Spot: "That kind of sounds like Crumbs."
  • Bea: "C'mon Everyone."

(Meanwhile, Crumbs was trying to use the cakes to defend herself.)

  • Crumbs: "Back! Get back!"
  • Specs: (Roars).
  • Bea: "Crumbs! Mouse! Stop giving Specs some cake."
  • Crumbs: "We're not, we're assaulting her with the cakes."

(Specs takes the cake.)

  • Crumbs: "How dare you take the cake."

(Suddenly, Specs grew bigger and bigger until she raced outside.)

  • Bea: "She's completely out of control. Who knows where she'll go next."

(Scene changes to Specs heading to Jewel and Misty.)

  • Misty: "Looking good, Jewel."
  • Jewel: "Maybe just a little ruffle."

(Specs was outside of their home.)

  • Misty: "Uh Jewel. Looks like we had company."
  • Both: (Screaming).

(Cat and Rabbit dashed outside. Scene changes to Suzette and Pillow's balloon stuck in a tree.)

  • Suzette: "I thought you said you know how to fly this thing."
  • Pillow: "I do. I got us here, until this wind sends us crashing into this tree."
  • Suzette: "Sort of."

(They looked into the sparkly skies of Lalaloopsy Land.)

  • Pillow: "I just don't know how to land. Maybe we should check the manual."
  • Suzette: "What manual."
  • Pillow: "Uh, Okay. I'll just have to figure out the landing gear without the manual."
  • Suzette: "What landing gear."

(Scene changes to Lalaloopsy Land. Everyone was running away from the now-mutated Specs. Jewel and Misty are in tow along for the ride.)

  • All: (Screaming).
  • Jewel: "Yikes."
  • Misty: "Watch it."
  • Specs: (Roars).
  • All: (Screaming).
  • Jewel: "Put us down you weirdo."
  • Specs: (Roaring).
  • Misty: "I think I've nearly gone deaf."
  • Jewel: "Hey. How rude."

(Spot and Peanut arrived.)

  • Peanut: "Don't worry guys. We'll save you both."
  • Spot: "Put them down right now."
  • Peanut: "Immediately. Oh. You know what I mean."
  • Spot: "I mean it, mutton-tane."
  • Peanut: "If you wanna see a circus act."
  • Spot: "Drop them, mutant."
  • Misty: "Spot, Peanut. Look out."
  • Jewel: "Hey. We're not some sort of common fly swatter."

(Spot and Peanut got tangled and fell.)

  • Both: (Screaming).

(They splashed down in the river.)

  • Jewel: "Guys."
  • Misty: "Oh no. Look."
  • Specs: (Roars).
  • Misty: "Uh Jewel. We need a plan."

(Jewel shook hands with Misty.)

  • Jewel: (Whispers).

(Scene cuts to the balloon that got stuck in a tree. Ember, Marina, Patch and Mango watched from below.)

  • Mango: "Do you think they're stuck. It looks like they're stuck."
  • Patch: "Arr. I don't know. Maybe we should asked them."
  • Marina: "Yeah. I think you're right. Let's go and ask them."
  • Ember: "Ask them. You mean go over there and talk to them. Really."

(Suddenly, the balloon strings started to snap apart.)

  • Both: "Whoa."

(Two of the strings broke and it sends Pillow and Suzette falling.)

  • Both: (Screaming).

(Pillow grabs a tree branch while Suzette grabs Pillow's foot.)

  • Ember: "They can't fly remember. Oh no. We need to help them."

(Ember, Patch, Marina and Mango picked up a rescue blanket and the branch breaks and Pillow and Suzette fall right in. Then the rescuers put Pillow and Suzette on a bridge as Sheep and Poodle raced over.)

  • Pillow: "Oh thank you."
  • Suzette: "Huh. What's going on."
  • Pillow: "Cat and Rabbit said that Specs took Misty and Jewel. Oh no."
  • Suzette: "I hope they're okay."
  • Pillow: "I'm sure they're gonna be fine. I hope."

(Scene cuts back to Jewel and Misty who are devising a plan to get Specs back to normal.)

  • Misty: "Hey! You uh, mutton-tane. Jewel and I know that you've got nothing to be proud of."
  • Jewel: "You stole everyone's things, terrorized Lalaloopsy Land and used us as weapons against everyone else."
  • Misty: "Because, you're a Lalaloopsy Little and all. But this..."

(Jewel and Misty untie the strings to reveal their heart shaped amulets.)

  • Jewel: "This is a crime against fashion. Oh no! Don't take our gemstones. Specs gave it to us to show how much she cares about us."

(Specs was silent for a moment.)

  • Misty: "Guess you're gonna get us now, aren’t you. Right."

(Suddenly, Specs reverts back to normal.)

  • Both: "Specs!"
  • Jewel: "You were the creature all along?"

(Suddenly, they drop to the ground.)

  • All: (Screaming).

(Crumbs, Bea, Dot, Forest, Pickles and Prairie are watching Jewel, Misty and Specs fall with Pillow and Suzette on the bridge.)

  • Crumbs: (Gasps)"Somebody do something!"
  • Spot: "We're on it!"

(Spot, Peanut, Ember, Patch, Marina and Mango all took one end of the blanket and went to catch Jewel, Misty and Specs.)

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