[The webisode begins in the middle of the ocean, where Sand E. is singing while combing her hair and Blowfish blowing water above her.]

Sand E.: I'm sitting on a rock, combing my blue hair and singing a song about... Sitting on a rock, combing my-[Blowfish blows water on her] wet hair... [Wet and embarrassed]

[Blowfish blows water on Patch.]

Patch: Ahoy!

Sand E.: [Notices Patch]

Patch: Watch where you're blowin'.

Sand E.: [Sincerely apologizes] Sorry about that Patch. [Jumps into water with Blowfish] I'm sure Blowfish didn't mean to get you wet.

Blowfish: [Ashamed]

Patch: No harm done Sand E. But I can't see through my spy-glass when it's wet.

Sand E.: What are you looking for Patch? [Concerned] Did you lose something?

Patch: Not at all. I'm looking to find something. Treasure that is! It's anyone's guess what lies beneath the sea.

Sand E.: No need to guess! We can dive underwater and search treasure for you!

Patch: That would be great! [Grateful] Thank you!

Sand E.: Blowfish, it's time to dive. [Dives deep with Blowfish]

Blowfish: [Responds with a found necklace]

[Sand E. and Blowfish returns to the surface]

Patch: I can't see a thing. The waters mildly murky today.

Parrot: [Responds]

Patch: I'm looking through the wrong eye? Why so I am, Parrot. [Looks through spy-glass and spots Sand E. and Blowfish with a necklace]

Sand E.: Look what Blowfish found, Patch. Isn't this a beautiful treasure? [Hands over necklace to Patch]

Patch: Aye. It's beautiful to be sure, but I have no use for it I'm afraid. [Gives back necklace]

Sand E.: Then we'll just have to try again. [Discards necklace and dives back] [Picks up giant pearl]

Blowfish: [Blows a bubble around herself]

Sand E.: [Pops bubble and returns to the surface with Blowfish] [Difficulty] How about this giant pearl, Patch?

Patch: Thanks for trying, but it's not exactly my type of treasure.

Sand E.: Okay. Then we'll find something that is. [Discards giant pearl and dives back] [Attempts to lift up a treasure chest with Blowfish] [Thinks with an idea] [Hooks up the treasure chest to the surface] Well Patch, what do you think of this?

Patch: [Places chest onto ship's deck] This chest has possibilities. It's battered and broken. Think of the tales it has to tell, but I don't know what I'm gonna do with these other stuff I'm sorry to say.

Sand E.: [Satisfied] Hmmm... Then I guess we should put it back where we found it.

Patch: [Discards treasure chest]

[A rubber rain boot surfaces]

Patch: What's that?

Sand E.: It's just a-[Patch interrupts]

Patch: Rubber rain boot! I have to add it to my rubber rain boot collection. [Throws into collection]

Sand E.: [Satisfied] While I guess it's treasure to him. [Giggles with Blowfish]

Patch: I'd never could've found this fine boot without your help. [Grateful] In fact, [Parrot agrees] to thank you [Picks up a couple of paper pirate hats] I'm gonna make you both honorary pirates. [Places hats onto Sand E. and Blowfish]

Sand E.: Arrr, Matey! [Blowfish winks] And since we're pirates, let's keep diving for treasure. [Dives back]

[Concluding the episode with an iris shot]

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